Billy’s Holiday Diary

Billy – Burmilla

Dear Diary,

My Name is Billy and I’m thinking of starting my very first Diary. It’s never too late to start writing your memories down I guess. The question is where to start.

How about a little information about myself. I am 11 years of age, which is equivalent to 60 cat years. I am a Cat Breed called a Burmilla. My breed originated in the United Kingdom, however I am a born Aussie. I love to play, albeit a lot more in my younger days. These days I don’t mind having a stroll around outdoors, or even relaxing in a hammock, or chilling in bed.

I love going on holidays at my favorite Resort, Cooinda. At Cooinda I stay in the Fernery Apartments where I have a wonderful scenic view over the gardens and fish ponds. I do like wandering through these gardens most days, however I’m not too phased about watching the fish in the ponds anymore.

I love checking out what is going on, so I spend most of my days outside lounging in the hammock or sitting up on the scratching post watching the comings and goings of other guests at Cooinda.

I do have a personal confession to make. I am a big boy, and look even bigger with my beautiful fur coat. However, I don’t always have the time to keep it 100% tidy. It is a lot to maintain you know, and I have lots of things to do in a day. BUT… The wonderful girls at Cooinda do a magnificent job and make this much easier for me. They are Great Cat Groomers, and I always feel wonderful after my groom.

I would just like to take this moment to thank you all at Cooinda Cat Resort for the great work you do in looking after me. I know the guests next door have a good time too… We all talk to each other you know.

Well, that’s me signing off for now. Only time will tell if I decide to continue writing a diary. However it has been quite fun.

From Billy

Billy enjoying a stroll in the Fernery Apartments

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