Cat of the Month – February


We are excited this year to begin our new Cat of the Month!
Each month, we will be selecting one of our purrrfect guests to learn more about their breed, personality, and the things they like to do during their stay. We will also be enjoying some gorgeous photos and videos of them!

Our February cat of the month is Jenson, the beautiful 9 month brown spotted Bengal. Jenson’s playful, outgoing and affectionate nature is what has earned him cat of the month for February.

Jenson loves all human interaction and barely stops moving, as soon as he thinks someone is watching he immediately starts rolling around and showing off. He loves having big belly scratches….and even then he insists on rolling around so all of him receives the maximum benefit from his pats. He is super active and loves running through his bright orange tunnel in his exercise yard entertaining all who are watching.

Jenson enjoyed the play time sessions he had in our courtyard gardens where he got to meet and greet numerous customers that came for a tour and all the kitty carers who were back and forth through the courtyard. Jenson really enjoyed this as it was all new people he could show off to and get lots of pats from.

He is a big chatter box and will talk to anyone and everyone and all us kitty carers loved talking back.

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