Cat of the Month for July is…


We are excited this year to begin our new Cat of the Month!
Each month, we will be selecting one of our purrrfect guests to learn more about their breed, personality, and the things they like to do during their stay. We will also be sharing some gorgeous photos and videos of them!

Our July Cats of the Month are Gizmo and Cleo, two very active young Abyssinian cats. They are both 3 years old and both as cheeky as each other. Cooinda have decided to nominate Gizmo and Cleo as a couple this month as we are unable to choose between them. They both are extremely lovable and make the Kitty Carers laugh every day.

Every morning when the Kitty Carers go into their room, they are meeted and greeted by both Gizmo and Cleo. Cleo will jump up onto the scratching post and tilt her head down to give you a morning headbutt. However if you tilt your head down to Gizmo, he will generally re-do your hair. He has become quite the hairdresser (Stay tuned for video footage).

Both Gizmo and Cleo love going outside everyday to run around and burn off some energy. However they absolutely love eating and will always come in for breakfast especially when they have their chicken wings.

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