Cat of the Month for May is…


We are excited this year to begin our new Cat of the Month!
Each month, we will be selecting one of our purrrfect guests to learn more about their breed, personality, and the things they like to do during their stay. We will also be sharing some gorgeous photos of them!

Our May Cats of the Month are Monty and Harrison, two very beautiful 12 year old Ragdoll brothers. Cooinda have decided to nominate Monty and Harrison as a couple this month as they are mostly inseparable and love snuggling up together and as they are both sooo adorable in their own special ways we couldn’t pick one or the other. They are extremely lovable and make the Kitty Carers laugh every day. This is one of many reasons why they have been chosen for Cat of the Month.

When someone walks anywhere near Monty, he will lay on the floor at your feet and roll around. This is extremely cute and then he will enjoy lots of belly rubs followed by cuddles (he loves to be held like a baby). Harrison, being the loving brother that he is, waits patiently for Monty’s cuddle time to finish while kneading the ground on which he stands.

Both Monty and Harrison love going outside everyday followed by afternoon walks in the Fernery Gardens. There favorite pass time is snuggling together on the hammock beds either indoors under the heat lamp or outside showing off how cute they look.

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