Cat of the Month for September is…


We are excited this year to begin our new Cat of the Month!
Each month, we will be selecting one of our purrrfect guests to learn more about their breed, personality, and the things they like to do during their stay. We will also be sharing some gorgeous photos and videos of them!

Our September Cats of the Month are Jimmy and Choo, two very handsome young moggies. They are both almost 2 years old and have all the kitty carers wrapped around their paws. Cooinda have decided to nominate Jimmy and Choo as a couple this month as we are unable to choose between them. They are both extremely lovable though very different in personalities.

Jimmy who is a Tabby Domestic Medium hair kitty, is very outgoing. He loves people and attention… in fact he comes running for it. He is very much a ladies man and has more than a couple admirers (Kitty Carers) who just love him. He loves pats and cuddles and will follow the Kitty Carers around getting as many as possible. He is a big smoocher and very much an in your face kind of cat which is what we love about him.

Choo who is a black and with Domestic Short Hair kitty is a quiet yet very beautiful boy. He loves pats too but is happy for you to come to him rather than chasing you for them. He likes nothing more than to find a quiet comfy spot where he can relax in peace while watching the daily activities of the Resort. He has no problem with Jimmy getting all the attention as long as he is not left out completely. His quiet nature has brought him quite a few admirers of his own.

We could go on and on about all the reasons we have chosen both Jimmy and Choo as our September Cats of the month, but instead we will stop here and you can tune in every Friday for the month of September to hear about there little quirks.

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