CoCo’s Holiday Diary

Coco relaxing in Cooinda Cat Resort’s Courtyard Gardens

Hello everyone,

My Name is CoCo! I am 2 years old and am a gorgeous Scottish Fold. I have been enjoying my holiday here at Cooinda Cat Resort, there’s so many pats and cuddles and fun places to play!

I receive so much love from the Kitty Carers, with plenty of pats and hugs. I just couldn’t ask for more! I notify the Kitty Carer’s when I’m ready for more pats by standing up on my scratching post, looking at them with my big beautiful eyes, and kneading the scratching post with my paws. They always see me waiting patiently and come into my room for lots of cuddles.

I have been staying in my favorite area that overlooks the courtyard gardens. I get to see all the Kitty Carers walk past, so I like to go outside and show off to them by rolling around and having a big stretch. Everyone always says hello to me and tells me how cute I am!

I love the outdoors and have a blast in my exercise area. I love to run through all the tunnels and climb up high in the towers. There are so many birds walking around on the ground and up in the lovely big trees above me. They are so much fun to watch. There is nothing better than spending the afternoon outside in the sun, watching the bird life!

Everyone is so nice, I just love coming to visit everyone here at Cooinda!

I am looking forward to my next holiday. I Can’t Wait!!!

CoCo (Scottish Fold) – Rolling around enjoying the outdoors at Cooinda Cat Resort

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