Mariah’s Holiday Diary

Mariah – Burmese

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself! My name is Mariah! I am the super cuddly Burmese girl at 7 years of age.

When I first arrived at Cooinda, I knew the kitty carers would love me, but what I didn’t know, was what was in stall for me on my holiday. Well let me tell you. The pampering that goes on at this resort is amazing. I absolutely love to be brushed and pampered. I could spend all day long sitting under my heat lamp while the Kitty Carer’s tend to my every need! I have bought my favourite bed from home to sleep on, it’s a cool little kids couch with loads of room. I can sprawl out on it while the Kitty Carer’s come in to my room to say hello and give me a brush – they can’t resist!

I seem to have captured the hearts of all the Kitty Carer’s here at Cooinda. They just looooove me! I have regular visits where they come in to my room, pick me up, and cuddle me. “This is what I call Snuggle time, which is all the time. What can I say, I’m just so lovable.”

Unfortunately I had an accident earlier on in my life. I have lost one of my back legs, however that doesn’t stop me from getting out and about and loving life! I sure can move once I get going! I love going outside and basking in the warmth of the sunshine, when it makes its appearance of course. My Excercise yard is soo spacious, that it allows me to really stretch out and enjoy those warm rays.

I’m very social, and love to look through the doors and windows of my neighbours to see what they have been up to. We have lots of chats. I enjoy it very much.

The Kitty Carer’s are so nice to me and spoil me rotten. I hope I can come back to visit them again soon, I’m sure they all will miss me very much!

Mariah – “Cooinda has such a pleasant warm environment with outdoor yards to Play in”

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