Max’s Holiday Diary

Cooinda Cat Resort’s Guest: Max

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

My Name is Max and I am one gorgeous looking boy. I am 10 years of age and am classified as a Domestic Long Hair Tabby, however, I most definitely have some Maine Coon in me. I have been enjoying my holiday at Cooinda Cat Resort for over a month now and it has been amazing.

Did you know if you stay at Cooinda Cat Resort Christmas day, Santa Paws delivers you a present? It was Amazing.

I just love all the interactions I have been receiving from the Kitty Carers, from constant pats and cuddles and more pats and more pats again. Not to mention great conversations… I love the kitty carers so much!

I have been staying in my favourite area in the Fernery, where I get to see all the Kitty Carers walk past and they all talk to me and tell me how beautiful I am. I’ve also been able to watch all of the new guests arrive throughout January… there are some good looking gets staying here… just has good looking as me even.

I love lounging outdoors in my exercise run and relaxing on the hammock beds. There is nothing better than spending the afternoon outside in a hammock… wouldn’t you agree? Oh well maybe except for more pats!

I absolutely love my food and I have a nice range of foods every day so I never get bored with my choices. And my servers are magnificent… they serve me my food right where I want it and then give me smooches before they leave.

My favorite experience would have to be a full pampered day in the Luxury Funky Paw Cabins. I got to play a star for a day, with paparazzi and everything. It was the most amazing day as I love all the attention and pats. I had so many photos taken of me for their Cat of the Month 2015 Charity Calendars.  They laid down with me and gave me lots of pats and snuggles. We played outdoors and I  ran up and down the exercise area. I got to relax on Kitty camp chairs and cane beds. I chilled indoors watching TV, and got to climb the scratching post to the 2nd story. It was so amazing!

I can’t wait to for my next holiday.

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