Mr. Watson’s Holiday Diary


Cooinda Cat Resort’s Guest: Mr. Watson


Hi everyone,

My Name is Mr Watson, and I am a beautiful old boy who is 19 years young. All the Kitty Carer’s keep telling me how handsome and lovely I am! I can’t help but feel they must be right!

My favourite places to stay when I visit Cooinda are in the Platinum Paws Villas and the Platinum Paws Suites. I have so much room to wander around and stretch my legs! There are all these super comfy beds and lots of nice furniture to perch on and watch the Kitty Carer’s venture around while they look after everyone here at the Resort.

My absolute favourite past time however, is to be brushed! I love my brush soooo much, every time one of the Kitty Carer’s comes in to say hello, they are so loving and shower me with affection and of course, lots of brushing! I’ll happily get up out of my comfy bed for a good brush session.

I love to lounge around in my luxury room. I often see the pesky chickens running past the windows, in my younger years I might have tried to get in on the action and have a little run around with them! Now days I prefer to watch them from the comfort of my warm bed. They provide me with some great entertainment!

I get spoilt rotten when I stay at Cooinda, I can’t wait to see my Kitty Carer friends again next time!

Mr. Watson – Staying at the Relaxing Cat Resort Cooinda

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