Premium Cat Accommodation

Premium Accommodations for your VIP (Very Important Puss) - Your Cat Boarding decision has never been easier!

Because your unique VIP has particular requirements, you can choose from a range of spacious apartments, overlooking beautiful scenery, that meet your cats exacting standards and your budget.

From family Suites to private chambers, our Premium Cat Accommodations have a wide variety of areas and views to choose from:

  • Tabby Towers
  • Sunny Haven
  • Deluxe Summer Parlours


Premium Cat Accommodation

Premium apartment Cat Accommodations include the following:

  • Full walk-in sized apartments
  • Separate accommodations for all guests - except for families who request family rooms
  • Superior view of outdoor activities
  • Access to outdoor exercise yards
  • Pheromone comfort technology to reduce any anxieties
  • Vet on call 24 hours, 7 days
  • An isolation area for under-the-weather guests

Our Tabby Tower Premium Apartments also include a Geriatric Wing specifically designed for our Golden Oldies. So if you need boarding for your old cat/s, Cooinda has just the right accommodations for you.

If your looking for accommodation taken to the next level

Take a look at choose from:

  • Our BRAND NEW Executive Apartments or
  • Our Luxury Accommodations - Suites, Villas, or Cabins


Site inspections are welcome and encouraged.

Call (03) 5971 1395, visit us at 65 Barretts Rd, Langwarrin South or click here to take a virtual tour.

Tabby Towers

For our Indoor guests who love to lounge outside during the sunny days

Our Tabby Towers are designed for indoor cats who would love the opportunity to discover the outdoors, scamper after butterflies, relax in the sunshine,  admire the birds, and enjoy the gentle breezes under the trees.

These rooms are perfect for cats of all ages, sizes, special needs, and of course families of cats who like their own space as much as they enjoy each others company.


Tabby Towers special features include:

  • Walk-in Sized Indoor Rooms
  • Large windows with Lounging Shelves
  • Scratching posts with platforms for Big Stretches, or to enjoy watching surrounding activities
  • Individual heating for the cooler parts of the year
  • Amazing views from both indoors and outdoors
  • Access to Private outdoor Exercise Yards
  • Exercise Yards including Long Tunnels and Large Towers with Climbers and Hammock Beds


Family Room added bonuses include:

  • Scratching posts expanding from floor to ceiling with 4 platform heights attached to obtain different views
  • Double Level Hammock beds to roll around or relax on


The most amazing part of Tabby Towers is that while our guests might prefer the indoors at home, they have the option of exploring the great outdoors here through their adjoining exercise yard. And they have the option of which great outdoors they would like to view and explore. With the options being our:

  • Lakeside Views or
  • Garden Courtyard Views

Sunny Haven

For our indoor guests who like to venture outside even on the not so sunny days

Our Sunny Haven is the place to be! It's for our guests who love the outside even if the weather is a bit average. The accommodations in Sunny Haven are roomy and spacious with indoor rooms to suit both single guests and families of felines, all with adjoining outdoor exercise play yards attached.


Special features of our Sunny Haven include:

  • Walk-in sized Indoor rooms
  • Large windows with oversized lounging shelves including hammocks to relax on
  • Access to outdoor exercise play yards that are fully undercover, allowing the sun in but not the rain
  • Large play areas to stretch and roll around in as well as climbing posts to get up high
  • Outdoor Cubby Houses to climb around in or relax on a hammock level of their choice
  • Superior view of outdoor activities
  • Individual heating for the cooler parts of the year
Sunny Haven Single Room for 1 Guest
Sunny Haven Family Suite for 2 Guests
Sunny Haven Family Suite for 2 Guests
Sunny Haven Covered Outside Exercise Play Yards
Sunny Haven Covered Outside Exercise Play Yards
Sunny Haven Exercise Play Yards overlooking 5 Beautiful Acres
Sunny Haven Exercise Play Yards overlooking 5 Beautiful Acres

Deluxe Summer Parlours

Warm rays, cooling breezes

VIPs that enjoy seclusion away from even the sight of other felines will revel in the privacy of these sun-filled parlours.

These rooms are ideal for 2 cat families and are:

  • Surrounded by tropical gardens
  • Positioned to capture summer sun and bay breezes
  • Equipped with private Cat Nip Adventure Play Parks
  • Secluded accommodations
  • Available in the warmer months

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