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2024 Updates:

      • Our Premium and Executive rooms have been fully booked for Easter.  We do have limited Villas still available.  If you are interested please contact:

Australia is currently experiencing a nationwide shortage of Feline Vaccinations, which is expected to continue till early 2024.

As per the Victorian Boarding Code, all cats entering boarding facilities require a minimum of the annual F3 Vaccination.

We are currently awaiting information from the Victorian Government regarding possible temporary changes to the boarding code, due to the vaccination shortage.

NSW has already made temporary changes to their boarding code. They will not be proactively enforcing the requirement for adult cats to have their annual booster vaccinations in NSW boarding facilities, until 31 January 2024. Victoria is expected to follow.

As changes have not yet been made in Victoria, all cats coming to board at Cooinda still require a minimum of the annual F3 Vaccination and proof must be shown on arrival.

In the past we have been able to organise vaccination boosters here with our vet. This is currently no longer an option.

What Makes Us Unique

Cooinda cat resort Cats Cattery Melbourne is the most professional kitty boarding facility in Melbourne. We have an extensive experience with cats and we are able to provide you with our best possible service. Our staff is trained to meet all your needs and requirements regarding your pet.

Stress-free environment for your cat

Cats are very sensitive animals who need to be in a stress-free environment. That's why you should take your cat to a cattery when you go away for holidays or business trips, because cats can become stressed if they are left alone for a long time.

Catteries provide this stress-free environment, where the cats are happy and relaxed, which means they won't get bored either. So even if you're not able to spend all of the time with your pet, when he or she goes to a cattery he or she will have fun playing with other cats while being looked after by staff who really care about them!

Spacious Chalets with outdoor areas

At Cooinda Cat Resort, you’ll find your cat enjoying a spacious chalet with an outdoor area. This means the cats have a lot of fun and can explore their surroundings, which is why we’re the best cat cattery Melbourne has to offer!

Large playrooms with lots of fun activities and toys

We have four playrooms, each with a large space for the cats to play. The room is fully enclosed, so it’s safe for your cat to explore and there are no sharp edges or corners where they can get hurt.

The playrooms contain lots of toys and climbing structures for your cat to enjoy. We also have an outside courtyard where our feline friends can bask in the sun!


The widest range of food options

Your cat will be fed a delicious, nutritious meal every day. We have a wide range of food options, including Fresh Meat and freshly cooked meals.

Cooinda Cat Resort can cater to special requests if your cat has any dietary requirements or if you would like us to feed them a specialized diet such as raw food or prescription weight loss diets. Any special requests will need to be supplied by you prior to arrival.


Detailed records of every guest are updated daily

To make sure that your cat is happy and healthy, we keep detailed records of every guest updated daily. We also have a daily log of the cat’s behaviour and activity as well as their general health.

In addition to this, we have a daily log of the cat’s behavior and activity as well as their general health. Every cat has their own individual chart with key information such as: name, age, breed type, coloring and any medical conditions they may be subject to.


Highly Skilled & Dedicated Kitty Carers on Staff.

We are a family-owned business with a strong focus on customer service. We provide the highest level of care for our cats and kittens, ensuring they're happy and well-loved while they stay with us.

All of our staff members are highly skilled cat carers who have undergone extensive training to ensure they can care for your feline friends to the highest standards.

They know all about first aid procedures, emergency responses and environmental health guidelines, so you can rest assured that your little fur baby is in safe hands at Cooinda Cat Resort!




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Inspect Cooinda Cat Resort to be sure it measures up to your VIP's exacting standards. See out Contact Us page for tour information.

What Makes Our Accommodations So Inviting?

We offer premium cat accommodation. It's spacious, comfortable and has amazing outdoor areas. We have 3 levels of accommodation with our most basic accommodation being far better than almost any other on the market. You could easily confuse our premium accommodation for small apartments.

Large Walk-In Sized Rooms & Customer Designed Family Apartments

Cats need and like to be able to stretch and move about comfortably all day, every day if they choose. If you have a family of cats and you want them to be accommodated together, our family rooms are spacious for families of cats to relax and explore their surroundings.

Private Secure Outdoor Play Areas

Fresh air and Sunlight are important to both humans and Cats alike. Having the opportunity to venture outdoors daily provides the greatest benefits to cats while they are away from home.

Peaceful, beautiful grounds

If you are on holiday, then why not treat your cat to a holiday as well. Our grounds are beautiful, with well-maintained gardens, wildlife in sight, birds, and the relaxing sounds of a country retreat.

Vet access 24x7 to ensure your cats' health needs

Our on site, live in manager is highly qualified and confident dealing with the health needs of your loved one. Should your cat require veterinary treatment, we have access to 24x7 care.

The cleanest, most professional cat premises in Melbourne

When you visit us, you will find a quiet, relaxing cat resort. Every room is cleaned thoroughly with animal safe, hospital grade, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cleaning products to ensure the highest cleanliness and hygiene. We are confident that you will love Cooinda Cat Resort as much as we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cats Get Bored In a Cattery?

Cats are smart, curious creatures. They need mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Cats can get bored easily if they don’t have enough to do. At Cooinda Cat Cattery we ensure that your cat has opportunities for play, exploration and socialisation with other cats.

Cats have a natural instinct to hunt, climb and explore their environment which is why we make sure our cattery provides plenty of space for your cat to run around in order to satisfy these needs! We also provide toys so that you can help keep your furry friend entertained while you are away from home.

Do Catteries Provide Food?

Similarly, you shouldn't have to worry about your cat being hungry or thirsty at a cattery. Every cat is fed fresh food, and it's served on the floor so that they can eat in their own time.
However, On Cooindacatresort provides a variety of dry foods and wet foods, including Fresh Meat and freshly cooked meals for your cat/s during their holidays

The best thing about cats at a cattery is that they get the opportunity to be around other animals (and humans), which is great for their confidence and social skills. They'll also get lots of love from the staff members!

What is Cooinda Cat Resort and what's its purpose?

Cooinda Cat Resort is a Melbourne cat boarding facility that provides quality care for your cat while you are away. It is our goal to provide the best care possible for your feline companion. We have been in operation for more than a decade, and have been providing services to customers in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Our purpose is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our guests. We are very understanding of the fact that you may feel worried about leaving your beloved pet behind when you go away on vacation or business trips.

Our staff will ensure that your pet has everything they need while you are away from home, including meals, water, toys, play time and plenty of love! Your pet will receive one-on-one attention from our professional staff who are experienced in caring for cats of all ages and sizes - big or small!


Best Cattery Melbourne

At Cooinda Cat Resort, we know that cats are a part of your family. That's why we treat them like our own and provide the best cat boarding experience in Melbourne.

Our love for kitties is second to none, and we take pride in providing an environment where they can feel safe, secure, and comfortable during their stay with us.

Best Melbourne cat hotel

If you're looking for a Melbourne cat hotel that offers the best cat boarding experience, Cooinda Cat Resort is the place. We have the widest range of food options and detailed records of every guest updated daily. Our highly skilled and dedicated kitty carers on staff will ensure your feline friend is well looked after while you're away from home.

Cooinda Cat Resort offers the best Melbourne cat boarding

Cooinda Cat Resort offers the best Melbourne cat boarding. With a range of activities for your cat and a wide range of food options, you can be assured that your feline friend will have an amazing time during their stay with us. Our dedicated team of carers are on hand to ensure that all cats receive individual attention.

Cattery victoria - Melbourne cat boarding

Cooinda cat resort is a Melbourne pet resort that offers cat boarding and cattery services. They are located in Melbourne, Victoria and provide cats with a safe place to stay while their owners are away. Cooinda cat resort's mission is to take care of your feline friends as if they were their own. They do this by providing high quality service at an affordable price.

Cooinda cat resort is not just a place for your cats to stay, it's also a place for them to play. The staff at Cooinda cat resort love cats and want nothing more than to make sure they're happy while they're staying there.

What Do Our Visitors Have To Say?

We will not hesitate to book Charlie in again


Our cat Charlie spent the weekend with the lovely ladies at Cooinda and we could not have been happier. Lovely to talk to and showed genuine care for our beloved boy. We will not hesitate to book Charlie in again the next time we go away.

Janeen Lukas

Thank you Cooinda, we will be back!


Being a first time cat owner and my kitten only being 6 months old I was a blubbering mess leaving my Lulu at cooinda. After a tour of the superb facilities and re-assurances from the beautiful staff I knew I was making the right choice. Picking up Lulu today I was given all the info about how she ate, played and became a hit with the staff all while she was trying to escape me and run right back into the cattery. Thank you Cooinda, we will be back!

Madison Kitchen

I was very happy the way Willow was looked after


I was very happy the way Willow was looked after and don't have to worry the next time she goes for a longer time.

Tess Vantilburg

Best cattery. Been visiting since 2011.


Best cattery. Been visiting since 2011.My Max Power (now gone) never wanted to come home and always was grumpy for a few days once back in the house.My Hank Scorpio stayed in 2015 for nearly 2 weeks just after he lost Max and he was happy and more socially adjusted once back.Can't wait for the lovely Cooinda team to meet our new addition Mindy Simmons! What a handful!I know my fur kids will be looked after with the best of care, they are never happy to come home and that's a good sign that life is good at Cooinda. It's not a job if you love what you do and the team love each and every one of their guests.

Ellen Zan

The only cattery I feel comfortable leaving my fur baby at


Your little one will be in safe and loving hands at Cooinda, great care and dedication taken into the wellbeing of cats of all ages. The only cattery I feel comfortable leaving my fur baby at, providing quality food, services, pheromones to de-stress and great love and compassion. 10/10!

Serah Finks

Napoleon will definitely be back at Cooinda next time we go away!


We just picked up our baby Napoleon after his 3 week holiday at Cooinda. He looks so relaxed and happy to be home but we know he misses all his kitty carers and the love and pats they gave him every day. It was our first time away on vacation without him and we are so happy with how well he was taken care of. It makes us feel much more comfortable leaving him when we know he has such committed and loving carers. Napoleon will definitely be back at Cooinda next time we go away!

Mags Uscinowicz

Book Your Cat's Stay

Inspect Cooinda Cat Resort to be sure it measures up to your VIP's exacting standards. See out Contact Us page for tour information.

Cattery Near me

Cooindacatresort is the best cat boarding service in Langwarrin South. We're centrally located at 65 Barretts Road, which means we're only 45 minutes South East of Melbourne. Our facility has been designed to ensure your cat's comfort and safety, and we'll give you a tour to show you how our facilities are designed.

Cooindacatresort takes pride in our work. We're certified by the Pet Boarding Services Association of Australia and our staff is trained to look after your cats with care and compassion. Our kitty cabs are equipped with air conditioning, ensuring your cat's comfort on the journey to us.