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What makes Cooinda Unique

Cooinda Cat Resort is the most accommodating cat boarding facility in Melbourne.  Cooinda is a unique holiday destination for cats of all ages, breeds, sizes and temperaments.  With over 20 years of experience caring for cats, we understand that not all cats are alike and have developed a resort unlike any other in Australia.  We are proud to have created a relaxing, safe, secure and loving environment for our feline guests.

Stress-free environment for your cat

Cats are very sensitive animals who need to be in a stress-free environment. That's why you should take your cat to a cattery when you go away for holidays or business trips, because cats can become stressed if they are left alone for a long time. Catteries provide this stress-free environment, where the cats are happy and relaxed, which means they won't get bored either.

Medication and Health Issues

Should your cat need basic medication while with us, we can administer that for you. Please notify us when booking, or prior to your cats’ arrival. Cooinda has Vet access when required. This is at the owner’s expense. If after hours we use AEC Emergency Vet or Peninsula Vet Emergency & Referral Hospital. All cats should be up to date with their flea medication prior to arrival. If your cat shows signs of having fleas during their stay, a flea treatment will be administered at the owner’s expense.

Accommodation & Outside Areas

Cooinda offers three different accommodation, Premium Apartment, Executive Apartment and Platinum Suites/Villas. All three types of accommodation have different outside areas. Premium Apartments have cat runs and outdoor enclosures for the cats to have fun and lay out in the weather. Executive Apartments exclusive patio and undercover play area. Platinum Suites/Villas have large play areas with additional exercise yards attached.

Detailed records of every guest are updated daily

To make sure that your cat is happy and healthy, we keep detailed records of every guest updated daily. We also have a daily log of the cat’s behaviour and activity as well as their general health. Every cat has their own individual chart with key information such as: name, age, breed type, colouring and any medical conditions they may be subject to.

The widest range of food options

Your cat will be fed a delicious, nutritious meal every day. We have a wide range of food options, including Fresh Meat and freshly cooked meals. Cooinda Cat Resort can cater to special requests if your cat has any dietary requirements or if you would like us to feed them a specialized diet such as raw food or prescription weight loss diets. Any special requests will need to be supplied by you prior to arrival.

Highly Skilled & Dedicated Kitty Carers on Staff

We are a family-owned business with a strong focus on customer service. We provide the highest level of care for our cats and kittens, ensuring they're happy and well-loved while they stay with us. All of our staff members are highly skilled kitty carers who have undergone extensive training to ensure they can care for your feline friends to the highest standards. They know all about first aid procedures, emergency responses and environmental health guidelines, so you can rest assured that your cat is in safe hands at Cooinda Cat Resort!


As per the Victorian Boarding Code, all cats are required to have a current F3 yearly vaccination, up to date before checking in. It is recommended that your cat is vaccinated two weeks prior to arrival. We require the vaccination certificate to be emailed or presented on the day of arrival.

What Makes Our Accommodations So Inviting?

Large Walk-In Sized Rooms & Customer Designed Family Apartments

Cats need and like to be able to stretch and move about comfortably all day, every day if they choose. If you have a family of cats and you want them to be accommodated together, our family rooms are spacious for families of cats to relax and explore their surroundings.

Private Secure Outdoor Play Areas

Fresh air and Sunlight are important to both humans and Cats alike. Having the opportunity to venture outdoors daily provides the greatest benefits to cats while they are away from home.

Peaceful, beautiful grounds

If you are on holiday, then why not treat your cat to a holiday as well. Our grounds are beautiful, with well-maintained gardens, wildlife in sight, birds, and the relaxing sounds of a country retreat.

Vet access 24x7 to ensure your cats' health needs

Should your cat require veterinary treatment, we have access to 24x7 care.

We Maintain a High Standard of Cleanliness

Every room is cleaned thoroughly daily with animal safe, veterinary grade and antibacterial cleaning products to highest cleaning and hygiene. We are confident that you will love Cooinda Cat Resort as much as we do.

Nicolas Elliott

Nicolas Elliott

Veterna Leader
Andre William

Andre William

Animal Trainer
Keyan Spencer

Keyan Spencer

Animal Health Expert

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