A Cats Age in Human Years


Miao Miao, March’s Cat of the Month would love to talk to you about A Cat’s Age in Human Years.

Figuring out your feline’s age can be a frustrating exercise. The myth of “one cat year equals seven human years” is just that – a myth. Cats reach senior status by the age of 7 and are considered geriatric by the age of 12.

“I, Miao Miao, am 8 years of age and am therefore classified as senior. I’m not as agile as I once was but I have noticed that it does vary between different cats of different ages. For example, Rupert who is staying a few doors up from me is the same age, however he is always running up and down the tunnels and around and around in the fernery gardens. I prefer to find a nice comfortable position in the sunshine and have a nap (of course that is when I am not being spoilt with pats and cuddles by the kitty carers).”

While there is no reliable scientific method for converting your cat’s age into human years, experts report that a 1-year-old cat is roughly equal to a 15 year-old person. The following chart gives you an idea of your cat’s age is in human years.

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